Our wearable waste Fashion Show

On Tuesday afternoon we brought our rubbish that we had collected at home. Some students brought cardboard, old newspapers, plastic bags, ribbons and egg boxes. Then we all started to create our own things. I started to grab a silver and green tin foil paper and started to make my skirt. It was pretty hard to make my skirt because I wanted my skirt to be all the way down to my legs. Then Mrs Agnew came to me and said “what are you making,” then I said ”I am trying to make my skirt.” Then Mrs Agnew helped me to do my skirt and when she started to cut my skirt I said to her it looks like a cheerleader skirt. She said “oh yes Franceska, it does look like a cheerleader skirt.” We both started to laugh. Then I was making my t-shirt and the hardest part was painting the fish because the paint was everywhere and it also went on my St Patricks clothes!

I took a deep breath and started having the best time of my life and it was pretty amazing. Then I put them on the shelf because I wanted my fish to dry up. After they were dry I asked Mrs Yumul if she would help me to glue my fishes on my clothes and she did. I waited patiently because she was helping Ruzzel and so I started to help Annamaria. Mrs Yumul called my name and said ”are you ready Franceska” I said “yes Mrs Yumul”

After I asked Mrs Agnew” does this look nice Mrs Agnew?” She said “yes it does”, I was so delighted to hear that. Then I went to go and help Anna Maria before I started to finish my beautiful skirt and clothes.

We went to eat lunch and I was excited because we were having our fashion show afterwards. I was a little bit nervous but I was also proud of my cheerleaders outfit. It was beautiful when I heard so many students cheering, clapping when we walked past them. It was the best day          ever.                                                                                                                                       

Littering is bad for our enviroment


Littering is bad because people throw their rubbish away and it goes into the drains and finally into the ocean. Then dolphins or other sea animals come along and think it’s a stingray or food, but it’s plastic.

Some sea animals will swallow it and die so we need to use less plastic, and definitely don’t throw it on the ground. Sometimes I think about turtles, because I saw a turtle got stuck in a plastic ring and I was so disappointed because he had grown and his shell didn’t fit him anymore.

Sometimes people think it’s okay to litter but it’s never good because people don’t know what they are doing to the environment. They are killing it with plastic.

When we feel heartbroken about animals under the sea we should stop littering because my dad explained that over 5.25 trillion plastics end up in the ocean. My teacher showed us a video of a teenage girl that said, “we should always use metal water bottles so we can reuse them many times.” I sometimes see people picking up rubbish at the beach and I think they must love sea animals. We know why we should not litter because it’s bad for our environment.


Our Sailing Day

Last Thursday Room 6 and Room 7 went to get ready to sail. I saw Room 1 and Room 2  say goodbye and have fun. When we were going to cross the road  I was so happy to hear that  then I said,” good bye I will  miss you guys.” Then we  walked and  we crossed  the crossing road. Luckily Cosma came very quickly and I was so happy for him to make it cause he might feel sad. Luckily Mrs Bullot was there to cross with him.


Then we started to walk all the way. We passed a dog that looked scary but I thought it was so cute. Mrs Yumul passed a kind man who said,”enjoy your guys trip.” Finally we made it but I was so mad cause Room 7 went first. Then Mr Bell said,”come here and let’s do fun activities, and do you know what a pulley”is? I said,”no, then Ramsey put his hand’s up and said,’ a pulley is a thing that people pull but it’s like a machine. Mr Bell said “almost.” Then someone put their hands up and said,” a pulley is a thing that you pull with.”


When Room 7 came out of the boats then it was our turn to have a go. Me and Geo were partners. I let Geo choose our boat  and he chose the colour blue. I said to him,”that is my favourite colour Geo.” We had fun going around in the wind and using the rudder and the rope to turn the sail.


After that we came back to land and started to tidy up. I was very tired when we got back to school but it was a good day.

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